Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Microsoft using Teasers!!!

Well Microsoft is using Jerry Seinfeld to sex-up Microsoft with teaser ads. Its going to be a 300million dollar advertising campaign for the Vista OS, and what's more Jerry Seinfeld the stand-up comedian from New York whose more popularly known for lending his voice in the 'Bee Movie', has been roped in for a whopping 10million dollars to star in the ads.

Here Jerry Seinfeld is expected to use his humor appeal to attract the audience to the teaser, moreover in the ad Jerry attempts to draw out some personality from Bill Gates to make him sound 'cool'.

The ad is meant to tease "greater things" expected from the software company.
Well, most importantly the reactions to the teaser which feature typical Seinfeld humor butted against a dry, laconic Gates who plays the straight man, has been a mixed bag from the tech community.

click here to see the teaser ad

Has the teaser been able to get the people talking about it still remains an unanswered question???

So next time around its upto Billy not to be Silly! ;)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

India not yet affected by Viral campaigns???

Well this thought about Indian buzz marketing agencies came to my mind when I was writing an Integrated Marketing Communications exam yesterday. It had this interesting question on the Levis Buzz in the US and as I got back home after the paper I came across a couple of banners based on the same Levis buzz, this forced me to search about buzz marketing in India.

That’s when I came across ‘The Flea’, India’s first non-traditional communication consultancy, in other words India’s first buzz marketing agency. Interestingly they have JUST 8 members who work for the agency!, 5 in India and 1 each in Houston, Brisbane & St Louis. Whats more they’ve handled viral campaigns for more than a handful of big clients and to mention a few of their popular campaigns:

Flea believes the following few simple rules are important to creating a successful viral campaign:

  • Provide Something worth talking about
  • Identify and reach out to influential individuals and communities
  • Provide something worth talking about
  • Identify and reach out to influential individuals and communities
  • Motivate people to pass along the marketing message
  • Make it easy for people to participate in the campaign
  • Have on-line and off-line component
  • Don't have unrealistic expectations about direct sales, but create long-term passionate users.

So the next time u want to create a buzz campaign in India. Remember your buzz can fly like the flea only with ‘The Flea’! ;)