Sunday, October 5, 2008

Guerrilla Marketing=Buzz Marketing?

There are many views that say guerrilla marketing and buzz marketing are synonyms, and there are others who say buzz marketing is a subset of guerrilla marketing; for me both have simple comprehensions.

Guerrilla Marketing is any low-cost or sometime even free, marketing that promotes a product or a service in a creative fashion. Whereas Buzz Marketing is marketing that primarily relies on word-of-mouth, it aims at creating something that's worth talking about, more so it may either be inexpensive or very expensive!

While reading about guerrilla marketing I got this thought of comparing it to Buzz Marketing and one aspect of my comparison revealed that both these forms of marketing may be perception driven. As in both would do similar promotional efforts only to see them offering different benefits.

Say for instance a company asks its employees to use the internet connection to write blogs and comment on others blogs thereby creating visibility for the company.
  • A Guerrilla marketer's say would be that blog and comments have no cost, and time to post on them is minimal hence they will create more visibility for the company.
  • A Buzz marketer instead would see the same as increased visibility on the web, moreover this would result in people seeing the company name and message in various places.
Another example would be say when a company teaches its employees about the power of word-of-mouth and hence asks them to be more networked.
  • For a Guerrilla maketer this would mean free events, and employees networking in their free time allows a company to get greater value per employee and helps the employee be more successful in the future.
  • Whereas from a Buzz marketer's perspective the people that employees meet will be well connected and enjoy talking about the company and the people they know. Soon few of these people create an incredible buzz about the products and services the company has to offer.
So the next time you come accross any of these terms think 'Buzzilla'!! :)


MJ said...

Good post buddy... Buzzilla is real nice...

Rajiv S Perumal said...

thnx mj..!! ;)

Unknown said...

Guerilla Marketing involves cost and is necessarily aimed at hitting a particular brand whereas Buzz is not. A combination of these two is deadly. Good observation. I wonder if all guerilla marketing is about negatives, then what is buzz about?