Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Will the Santa Claus story have a makeover this year?

A lot of us in our childhood have recieved gifts from the fictional Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. It was a nice game played in most of the households irrespective of their faith. The story behind the fictional character was that Saint Nicholas in the 11th Century used to distribute gifts and later he was called Santa by children.
A cute lil story for kids.. Parents go shopping weeks in advance to buy gifts for their children. Infact same time last year the festive mood had set in and was in full swing. But this year is a very different from other years.
The economic recession in the world economy seems to have hindered the Christmas preperations. The US market used to filled with toys manufactured in China, and this used to be shopping time for every household. But this year, you would find empty malls, very few shoppers etc; all thanks to the economic condition.
But what about the kids?? Well, many couples in the US have started decided to buy a Christmas Tree with a concocted story about a letter from Santa. In it, he warns kids that he may have to cut back on gifts because many babies were born this year. Hoping that kids would buy into that story. This would then mean that kids have taken the socialist approach, as they seem to know that they have to share toys with other kids around the world.
Well a few might say its exploiting the innocence of children, but atleast it keeps 'The Santa Myth' going and doesnt children being dissapointed and having self-doubts.

Anyways lets all hope things settle down asap and I'd like to wish everyone of you'll a Merry Christmas in advance. Have a fun-filled christmas in your own small way! :) cheerzzz and renkindle the festive spirit!


MJ said...

i am not sure if santa will write such a letter or will kids buy into it..but I wish the real spirit of holidays i.e the sharing spirit to show love even to strangers should become a buzz this season for only hope and faith will be the greatest strength to surpass these hard times..
Happy Holidays Everyone!!
Spread the Cheers !!!

Rajiv S Perumal said...

well... it has happened in a few cases last year(source google news) and this year many people have claimed to use the same trick! so guess it actually does work!

bhaa said...

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Unknown said...

Seems feasible to me.