Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rumour the next B-Plan!

Well for all you know rumours might just be the next best way to do business. If your wondering what makes me say this, well a week ago I was just watching the trailer of the movie '2012' which is being directed by Roland Emmerich of 'Independence day & Godzilla' fame. The hype around the movie was even more considering the so called prophecies around the end of the world in 2012.
I watched a few documentaries and after some research came to the inference that the so called Doomsday on 21st Decemeber 2012 is more of a science fiction story. (Trust me guys, you see the reasons that support the 2012 argument and initially you'll be taken aback, but give it time, thinking and research and you can squash all those claims on ya own)
Now coming to the point about how Roland has used this rumour and hoopla around the 2012 prophecy to make a movie. He has so cleverly used a storyline that everyone would surely be able to connect with. Its so evident by this fact how a simple rumour can be used to do business in todays context. But yeah the fact remains that the trailor just rocks!! Man it gets your attention for sure. (Just hope it is'nt a let down like 'The day the earth stood still')
Well, and this is not where it ends. There are many such instances, but this one caught my attention. Moreover i've been collecting quiet a lot of secondary data on this so called 'Doomsday 2012'. Its evident that word-of-mouth has been the primary channel for propogation of this rumour even though the internet is an integral component, the word-of-mouth was what got people to goto the internet to know more.
So the next time you think of a business never rule out an option of using rumour as a tool to create a buzz. lol. :) Well, for all you know the doomsday prophecy might just come true!!! :D

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