Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A 'Budget Rendezvous' with a five-star ambience!

Well how many times have you gone to Cafe Coffee Day, Barista or even Mocha and have found it crowded, too noisy and wondered how nice it would be if there is a place in Bangalore where you can get a more calm & peaceful ambience.
Well here's some great news for all you folks.. 'Le Meridien' one of Bangalore's popular five-star hotel's is the place for you people. You might wonder about the budget not being feasible, but that's not to be!
For over a year now Le Meridien has this thingy going on, where you get to have pastries for as low as 50bucks (trust me, it would serve 2people)!!! Whats more? A coffee jug would cost you like 150 bucks! Thats not where is ends, coz if you have a Citibank card you get 20% off your bill amount...
So on the whole for like 200 bucks you and your bum-chump can have a coffee with the added peaceful ambience..
But interestingly Windsor Manor which is another five-star hotel located very close to Le Meridien has not even tried changing their pricing in this regard, in fact a jug of coffee at Windsor Manor costs you a good 450 bucks. So looks like they don't feel threatened by its competitor's move in altering the pricing.
In fact Windsor manor has decided not to reduce prices with the rationale that it doesn't want to start catering to a different customer segment. Moreover it looks like they feel that by reducing prices, Windsor manor might lose out on its premiumness. Le Meridien on the other hand has had this offer on for quiet sometime and I wonder if it has actually affected the customers perception of the five-star image of Le meridien. Guess we can only wait and see what the future has in store for them!
But with everything said and done, Le Meridien's offer is what I call true value-addition!
Cash-in it people! Happy Coffeein'! :)


MJ said...

Thanks for the great news maverick..btw when are u treating us there? :P

Mohit said...

i guess le merdan wants to do some business in recession..:) but coming to think of it,le meredian has not openly advertised abt its its only for the regular visitors,that are aware of the price drops,i feel they want t spread the news by the word of mouth(viral Mrkng).
Windsor mannor is a league by itself,le meredians price drops wont affect WM by anyway:)