Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Holi people...!!

Well the full moon day in the Indian calender month of Falguna (around february or march) is when the festival of colours "HOLI" is celebrated... This year it falls on the 11th March...
The day before holi is called 'Holika Dahan' a day when the mythological Prahalad escaped unburnt from the clutches of the Demoness Holika (sister of the king Hiranyakashipu) when she carried him into the fire. On this day bonfires are lit in many places around the city.
On the day of H0li people celebrate by throwing colour powder & colour water on everybody, in recent times people have innovated and hence ended up throwing Egg's too on holi.. :) Holi is celebrated for many reasons:
  • Burning of Holika
  • Lord Krishna's mother supposedly complained about the colour contrast between Krishna and his consort Radha hence she started off applying colour on Radha's face
So all you people out there have a HAPPY AND A COLOURFUL holi this year! :)

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