Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Is Election 2009 any different?

Many of you would surely wonder that every election has these controversies and issues, so whats special about elections '09? Well people this is not a time to stereotype the elections coz there are quiet a few changes from all the previous elections:
  • TV ads by both the Congress & BJP in popular TV channels such as Mtv, Star Network etc to reach to a greater audience
  • Ads on social networking sites, such as Orkut!
  • Parties launching websites to reach the Indian Netizen Segment. Seems like Web Advertising firms are cashing-in big time during these elections
  • Initiative taken by launched by the TATA Group and Janaagraha to ensure that there is a increase in the number of people who exercise their right to vote. Their vision is to have all the 1billion voters in India exercise their right to vote
  • All news channels making innovative ads and slogans to ensure that the people prefer them to get regular news updates. As of now CNN-IBN seems to be doing the best among the lot, with its Ad that shows how CNN-IBN has been the first to bring all previous controversies to light and that it would continue doing so during Elections '09 with its positioning 'Elections 2009=CNN IBN'
Well i'm sure there are more surprises in store both with respect to the elections and the other factors associated to the elections... Before I sign off this post, just thought of reminding all my readers to make sure that all of you people exercise your VOTING right! Happy electing! :)

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MJ said...

good one you mentioned advertising through new social media is one of the new trends catching up in this election..i guess we have to wait and see wat surprises or shcokers this election will bring :)