Saturday, May 9, 2009

Its "Nano-ing" from the house of the TATA's!

First a successful launch of the Tata Nano - "The world's cheapest car", which helped Tata's raise about 25billion rupees ($500million) with over 2.03lakh bookings even before the car's release.

And now its time for 'Shubh Griha'.. Wondering what that means?
Well, it is the name of Tata's next project. It is again targeted at that segment of the Indian population that has for long been ignored. Tata's are now building Nano Housing in a place called Boisar in Mumbai.

These houses would be priced between Rs 3.9 lakh-Rs 6.7 lakh. It would have three variants:
  • A one-bed room flat with a hall and kitchen in an area of 465 square feet
  • A one-room flat with a large kitchen in an area of 360 square feet
  • A one-room flat with a small kitchen in an area of 283 square feet
TATA Housing has tied up with State Bank of India (SBI) and HDFC to help buyers with finance options. Application forms will be available at SBI branches across Mumbai at a cost of Rs.200 and booking should be made in next 20-days along with the initial booking amount of Rs 10,000 through bank pay order at selected branches of SBI across mumbai

Again it is evident that TATA has always aimed at catering to the common man. So guess this is something for the general Indian public to cheer about amongst all this pointless election hungama...
Kudos to The Visionary himself 'Mr. Ratan Naval Tata"!!!


MJ said...

thats a great idea..I wonder will they call it Nanomes(nano homes);) but i am not sure if it will be successful as nano,,bcoz unlike a car ,a home is a higher involvement purchase esp in indian scenario.Also the common man may still be sidelined as big shots may buy a handful of nanomes and resell it after the value increases...

Rajiv S Perumal said...

Well, the Tata's have also mentioned a limit on a person's income as an eligibility criteria to buy the Nano homes..!!!