Sunday, August 28, 2011

Anna's past comes hunting

Finally I've started seeing people being sane on FB about Anna Hazare. If your wondering why FB? well, that's because it's the new extended self of the Gen Xer's & O for the Gen Y's in India. Moreover FB is more like the windvane of the sentiments of the Netizen's!

Atleast now people have started seeing the other side which has got them thinking.

If you still haven't read my earlier post and see this video! You would then know what I mean by saying that the Jan Lokpal Bill cannot solve any corruption issue whatsoever. It is nothing but a mere makeshift which could turn monstrous in the future.

Then give yourself a few minutes to think before you blindly reject a different viewpoint. The common trait among all successful people is that of decision making, and to do that they make it a point to view things with no biases and buy it at what it's worth!

So people just give this a thought before you react... No prejudices please!



Courtesy: Anurag Sinha's post & Youtube

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