Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Are you a Blogger or a Forger?

Lately I have been searching the internet and reviewing various blogs (now that every Tom, Dick and Harry writes one). With a number of blogs mushrooming and growing at an exponential rate, I took a second to ponder on how all of a sudden so many people have started expressing their views, and for all you know it may result in the increase in the number of youngsters taking up Journalism as a major.
But alas, that hope and vision would be too farsighted. Too my amusement I found that a majority of these new bloggers use a tool that I would call CCPS (Cut or Copy, Paste and Submit) ;)! All you need to do is copy a line from these blogs and put it for search on google, and you would get the original source in less than a second. A few may raise questions on the reason for this act?

BloggersTo me this can be a result of three possibilities:
  • A noble cause of spreading the intellectual views of the original authors (Highly improbable though ;) )
  • Identity Crisis which in turn leads them to a desperate need for undeserved publicity thereby resulting in copied articles (High probable ;) )
  • Its cool aka kewl to have a blog thereby in a quest for social acceptance! (Probable ;) )
So in the end of the day, the ones whom I thought were worth the title 'Bloggers' are those who posted stuff that was:
  1. Original
  2. Quoted - Due credit going to the original author
Be original, Be a Blogger,
Please don't copy and emulate a forger;
Cheerz to the Bloggers!!!