Sunday, December 7, 2008

The CALL that could've resulted in a BRAWL!

Rumour Rumour Rumour Rumour!!!

Well, with all the rumours floating about the mumbai attacks. Including an amazing one about a woman in burkah supposedly open firing in chowpati beach here comes the best of the best.

Pakistan President Ali Asif Zardari claimed that the Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee supposedly called him on last friday night(November 28th) and threatned to declare war on Pakistan. Well as a common man I think this is a great attempt at diverting attention of the whole world away from Pakistan following the attack in Mumbai by Pakistan nationals. Reasons for this would be:
  • The call was from a local Delhi number
  • I havent heard of calls being transfered to the President of any country without verification and other security measures
  • Apparently, Indian itself had found out about this call from the US which has been seeking to lower tensions, and had sent messages to Pakistan assuring it that no such call was made
Well, in the middle of all this, the U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was asked to intervene to stop what the U.S. at that time may have considered a deepening slide in Indo-Pakistan relations leading to war and convey a message to Mr.Mukherjee that the Pakistanis were "extremely worried that they were on a conflict escalation ladder with India which could provoke an all-out war." 

Now a lotta questions are being raised against the credibility of this so called threatening call which was proved to be a hoax later on. 

Do you really think a hoax call was ever made? I still have my doubts.

But yeah whatever it is, it was a good attempt at using rumour as a tool to create a buzz around the world. Intentionally or not this is an attempted PR exercise by Pakistan! :)

Well if your wondering why the rumour dint work! According to me this rumour too had the following components as any rumour:
  • Originality - Well this rumour seemed to have meet this criteria very well
  • Fear - To a certain extent fear was created among locals in Pakistan and the rest of the world about a possible war among the Nuke-enabled countries
  • Status - You could'nt as for a person with a status higher than the President of a country
  • Contacts - Well, the newspapers and media in todays world would take care of this criteria for you in no time.
But it lacked one major criteria
  • Believability - In this case it was a little too much to digest or believe.
So guess now you know why a lotta people are humming "Liar Liar Pants on Fire!"

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